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Two big reasons to have medical cover

  • Ambo 911
  • 18 May 2021

1. Private hospital stays are expensive

The price of private care in South Africa is rising at a rapid rate. HOSPITAL FEES ARE ABOUT MORE THAN DOCTOR’S BILLS (which can be hefty) – they include tests, examination, resources and food costs as well. This means that, without proper insurance, a hospital stay with good quality care could quickly become unaffordable, and your chances of recovering well will diminish. OVERSURE’S HEALTHCARE INSURANCE SOLUTION includes options for Accidental Medical Cover, Day to Day Primary Healthcare and Hospital Cover, as well as a combination of the above. Our services are designed to provide quality, affordable private healthcare for all South Africans. A healthy body is essential for a happy life and that’s why your health should always be a priority.

2. Accidents happen

Life is unpredictable and YOU NEVER KNOW WHEN YOU MIGHT END UP IN AN ACCIDENT OR BE SERIOUSLY INJURED, and need emergency evacuation. Private emergency evaluation services are only available to scheme members and can be very costly. At OverSure, we understand that in an emergency, every second counts. That’s why we also offer R100 000 IN ACCIDENTAL MEDICAL COVER AS WELL AS MEDICAL EMERGENCY EVACUATION COVER through an established national network of paramedics, ambulances, and helicopters working for you 24/7. Our centre is designed to assist you in handling your medical queries while offering you vital support when needed.

A quick reminder - MEDICAL INSURANCE IS NOT THE SAME AS A MEDICAL AID SCHEME.With more affordable premiums than most medical aid schemes, medical insurance cover a set of major health events at fixed amounts paid directly to the member as opposed to a medical service provider. As explained above, this makes it a must for every South African family – medical expenses, especially unexpected ones as a result of an emergency, can end up costing you thousands of Rands and leaving your family without the required medical help and deeply in debt.

The scary reality is that uninsured individuals receive lower quality care and less timely care, putting them at greater risk for even further illness and difficulty. GET THE COVER YOU NEEDREAD THROUGH OUR BENEFITS GUIDE and talk to the expert team at OverSure. We can help you choose medical, legal and funeral cover options that suit your needs, delivering quality care without breaking the bank.